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8 Channel Circuit Breaker/Relay Module 2A Cat. #: 330034

The Emphatec SigNext 8 Channel Circuit Breaker module provides 8 remotely controllable DC circuit breakers in a 35mm wide DIN rail mounted housing. That means less than 4mm per breaker!

The breaker mechanism is a supplemental rated thermal device that remains off once it has tripped (most thermal breakers reset automatically and cycle on and off if the fault is still present). Resetting a tripped breaker is accomplished via a pushbutton on the module or via a digital input. The reset is common to all 8 breakers. LEDs indicate the status of each channel. All restrictions associated with supplemental breakers apply to this module.

The remote on/off feature allows this module to be used as an 8 pole relay with the relays fed from a common 24Vdc source. Intended as a power supply accessory, the thermal breakers are fast enough that a fault in one circuit will trip the breaker before the power supply switches off. The interrupting rating is 500A so the short circuit fault current delivered by the 24Vdc supply cannot exceed this level.

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