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DC Solid State Relay & Current Limiter Cat. #: 330013

We’re not sure if this is a DC solid state relay with an overcurrent protection feature or an electronic DC circuit breaker with a relay function. Either way, it can control 24Vdc loads rated up to 20A, senses the load current and turns off if the current exceeds a user configurable trip point.

Using a 24Vdc control signal the load current can be turned on and off. The user can set a load current threshold (or trip point) above which the module turns off. Resetting the module after an overcurrent condition can be accomplished 3 ways:

  • pulsing the RST terminal with 24Vdc
  • pressing the on-board reset pushbutton
  • cycling the 24Vdc supply

The trip point is adjusted using a multi-turn potentiometer. How does the user know what trip current level they have set it for? There are 2 methods: The first is to connect a voltmeter between 2 test points (mini-banana plug jacks) and calculating the trip point using the equation "Vtest = Itrip x 0.185". A more accurate method involving applying a known load current and adjusting the trip point to an actual measured value is also possible (see “Adjustment” section on reverse).

Other features include a trip alarm output, status LED and a cross connection method that allows 24Vdc to be bussed to multiple modules. The module mounts on both 32mm and 35mm DIN rails and requires only 40mm of rail space.

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