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Emphatec MiBridge

Emphatec MiBridge

What is Emphatec MiBridge

Emphatec MiBridge is strictly hardware. It allows existing field wiring to be interfaced to new distributed control system (DCS) or programmable logic controller (PLC) I/O cards quickly and without wiring errors. 


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Why use Emphatec MiBridge?

Downtime means lost revenue. Emphatec MiBridge allows control to migrate from a legacy system to a new PLC or DCS with minimal downtime. The user gets all the benefits of a new control system while minimizing, or eliminating, downtime.

What does a Emphatec MiBridge solution consist of?

The main component in a Emphatec MiBridge solution is the adapter card. This is the interface between the existing field wiring and the cable to the new I/O cards. Adapters are passive devices so no complexity or new points of possible failure are introduced into the control system. The key is to provide a connector compatible with the existing field wiring connector. Most DCS systems used proprietary connectors so users often think they must disconnect the wiring and re-terminate it on the new DCS/PLC I/O connector. Emphatec MiBridge provides a compatible mating connector so the existing field wiring is left right where it is – on the field wiring connector. No wiring errors and minimal labour!

Most adapter cards mount in a card chassis or on a mounting plate. The chassis/plate is installed in place of the legacy systems I/O. The same mounting holes are used so rework on the cabinets is minimized. And in most cases the new I/O is mounted on the face of the adapter card chassis so no new cabinets are required.

Finally, cables are routed to the new I/O. When the new I/O is mounted on the face of the adapter card chassis these cables can be as short as 2 feet.

Talk to us about your migration project

Just tell us what legacy DCS or PLC you have now and what you plan to migrate to and we will propose a solution. To date we have designed migration hardware for the Honeywell IPC620, Moore APACS, ABB INFI90, Modicon Series 800 and Quantum and the Westinghouse WDPF.

Installation Manuals

H-IPC620-AdapterTHMB.gif  H-IPC620-LPAdapterTHMB.gif  MidiconTHMB.gif

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6/8 channel adapter card 6/8 channel adapter card Cat. #: 330302
16 channel adapter card 16 channel adapter card Cat. #: 330303

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