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FRM Fused Relay Module Cat. #: 330011

All the Emphatec InstaLink modules were designed to provide users with practical features and easy installation using a simple jumpering system. They are not “state-of-the-art”, “earth shattering” or likely to put our competitors out of business. But they are easy to use and often combine in one module the features competitors can only offer through multiple products.

The Emphatec InstaLink-FRM combines a 1 form C interposing relay module with a fuse terminal. The fuse can be rated up to 5A (not included with module) and is the industry standard 5x20mm size. The fuse status is indicated by a green LED. Unlike fuse blown indication that produces a small leakage current the LED circuit on the FRM uses an external “N/-“ connection. This is either the neutral in an AC circuit or the 0V side of a 24Vdc supply. This eliminates any leakage currents as the LED turns off if fuse blows.

The input is rated 24Vac/dc and a second green LED indicates the coil is energized.

A jumpering system is provided for the common of the relay contact, the N/- of the output circuit (used for the LED status indicator) and one side of the input. For the input either the + or – can be commoned allowing the input to be switched positive or switched negative. The jumpers use 0.187” push-on terminals. Jumpers are provided with the module.

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