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FMT T-Class Fuse Module Cat. #: 330256

Weidmuller is very pleased to offer the new Emphatec DePro - FMT T-Class Fuse Module - FMT module – possibly the first DIN rail mounted fuse holder for T-Class fuses. This module has been certified for use in Class 1 Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations.

T-Class fuses offer high interrupting current ratings but are physically smaller than midget and CC fuses. TheEmphatec DePro - FMT T-Class Fuse Module - FMT requires 30mm of DIN rail while the Emphatec DePro - FMT T-Class Fuse Module - FMC midget fuse module requires 45mm of DIN rail.

The Emphatec DePro - FMT T-Class Fuse Module - FMT has terminations for both line and neutral so this module is the equivalent of a fuse terminal block and a feedthrough terminal block. The status LED is between the line and neutral on the output so it provides fuse healthy indication meaning no leakage current if the fuse blows.

A touch safe cover over the fuse makes the module touch safe and the cover is secured in place via a screw. The module has been tested with 10kA fault currents.

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