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FMC Midget Fuse Modules Cat. #: 330195

Class 1 Division 2 certified midget fuse holders are very rare so Weidmuller is very pleased to offer the new Emphatec DePro - FMC modules. These include a single phase and a three phase module. Both have been certified for use in Class 1 Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations.

The single phase version has terminations for both line and neutral so this module is the equivalent of a midget fuse terminal block and a feedthrough terminal block. The status LED is between the line and neutral on the output so it provides fuse healthy indication meaning no leakage current if the fuse blows.

The three phase version has terminations for the 3 phases on the input and output sides (there is no neutral termination). This module does not include status LEDs.

Both modules provide touch safe covers over the midget fuses. Each cover is secured in place via a screw. Both modules have been tested with 10kA fault currents.

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