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FSMM/24V/5A Cat. #: 330193

This module is the perfect power supply accessory. Solid state switches, in this case a MOSFET, offer faster switching times and longer operating life than mechanical relays. The on-board fuse eliminates the need for an additional fuse terminal, saving panel space and cost. The fuse is a TR5 micro style.

These are available with ratings up to 5A continuous and a 50A interrupting capacity. Each module comes with a 5A, slow blow fuse installed. Socket mounting makes replacement quick and easy. When properly sized the occurrence of a fault causes the fuse to fail before the 24Vdc power supply shuts off (the user may need to select a fuse with a lower rating). The micro style fuse keeps the module size as small as possible. The fuse cover, developed by Emphatec, secures the fuse in the socket and allows the module to meet the requirements for Class 1 Division 2 and Zone 2 certification.

A status LED provides indication of both the input and output status. The LED illuminates if the input is energized, the fuse is healthy and the output MOSFET is conducting a current. If the fuse is blown or the load is disconnected the LED will not illuminate. If the MOSFET is in a short circuit condition the LED will illuminate when the input is not energized.

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