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FOVP Fused Overvoltage Protector Cat. #: 330111

The Emphatec DePro-FOVP module provides overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection for 24Vdc control loops. Most commonly used with digital input and output circuits the module is designed for use in Class 1 Division 2 applications.

A fuse limits the current to the field while an electronic circuit monitors the voltage and blows the fuse if an overvoltage condition occurs. The fuse is a standard 5x20mm glass type fuse and is socket mounted under a protective cover. The maximum fuse rating is 2A. Standard 5x20mm fuses are suitable for non-overload C1D2 applications - see application note at

An LED is included to indicate the module is powered and the fuse is healthy. The overvoltage protection is intended to provide protection against arcing and also damage to field devices in the event of a failure in the 24V power supply. If the power supply output voltage exceeds 32Vdc the fuse on the Emphatec DePro-FOVP module will blow.

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