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8 Channel Optocoupler Cat. #: 330033

8 isolated optocouplers in a 22.5mm wide housing, wide range input: 10-150Vdc, 70-120Vac. In applications where panel space is limited this module is the ideal solution. In 22.5mm of DIN rail space the Emphatec DePro 8 Channel Optocoupler provides 8 isolated optocouplers with wide range and constant current inputs - that’s just 2.8mm per opto!

The input of each channel accepts signals from 10-150Vdc or 70-120Vac meaning one module is suitable for use with 12, 24, 28, 48 and 125Vdc, as well as 120Vac. The input current is constant at approximately 4mA regardless of the input voltage. The Emphatec DePro 8 Channel Optocoupler is the perfect interface between various field signals and PLC or DCS digital inputs.

Each channel has a status LED to indicate the ouput is energized. If there is no power applied to the outputs the LED will not energize. The coils are configured as common negative meaning they are compatible with PLC or DCS ouptuts that source 24Vdc. Each output is rated 24Vdc nominal at 40mA maximum. Using external jumper combs the positive or negative of each contact output can easily be jumpered. This is convenient when all 8 optos are switching power from a common source.

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